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Split Cable Adapter  / Model: KB1
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Audio SPLIT Cable Kabel ADAPTER for DJ Apps

Special audio SPLIT CABLE ADAPTER 30 cm, for DJ apps providing split modes.

This audio SPLIT CABLE ADAPTER is a special connector that has an output jack for a sound system or a DJ mixer as well as a headphone output jack. It is the perfect solution for interfacing your iPhone/iPod touch or iPad with your home- or professional component audio equipment and using your earphones or your DJ headphones for monitoring (PFL, CUE) your tracks. This adapter will also work with early generation iPhone and iPod touch devices.

PLEASE NOTE, this is a special audio adapter and not a simple Y-spliter or a 3.5mm Headphone Splitter Cable Jack Adapter connecting just two headphones to your device!

For interfacing your DJ app to your audio equipment we provide audio cables with different plugs and length. You can find also a complete SPLIT CABLE ADAPTER and audio cable set coming with a useful neoprene bag. Just click on the links at the bottom of this page.

Important: Some third party audio cables manufacturer will offer plugs that not fit together with your headphone plug into the SPLIT CABLE ADAPTER. Therefore please use the audio cables designed for DJ apps. They will fit together with your own headphone plug into the SPLIT CABLE ADAPTER and also fit the recessed jack on the early generation iPhone and iPod touch devices. Just click on the relevant product link below.


*Compatible to the following DJ apps:

Red Bull BPM DJ

Red Bull BPM Compact
Red Bull BPM PRO
Red Bull BPM HD
Red Bull BPM all Lite Versions


Traktor DJ
Touch DJ
DJ-Mischpult 3
DJ Mixer 3
Future DJ
djay für iPhone & iPod touch
DJ World Studio
Cue Play DJ
Sonorasaurus Rex
Quixpin (interchange Headphone and Master Out)

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